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Why we no longer associate with Pella Gunton (Pittsburgh Distribution)

As some of our customers know we have had a rocky relationship with Pella Gunton Corp. The issues started in early spring this year. We have decided to post the problem that led us to sever our relationship with Pella Gunton Corp., so that you are aware of the issues. We believe in showing transparency on our end.

On May 1st we received  a call from a potential client and we asked a representative from 

Pella Gunton Corp., to assist us:

 (Raymond Kress III

Commercial Sales Representative at Pella Corporation

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaBuilding Materials Current) 

After reviewing the scope of work,  Keystone Construction Services decided to price out a fiberglass window. We received the pricing for the product from Ray Kress. Keystone Construction Services prepared the proposal and submitted it to the client. The client informed Keystone Construction Services that it was above their budget and asked Keystone Construction Services to propose an alternative product to hopefully be able to be within the client's budget. We were provided with a new window  price through Pella Gunton Corp.  The client was not able to afford this price either and another company was awarded the project. Keystone Construction Services relayed the information to Ray Kress of Pella that the client went with another contractor. Ray Kress took it upon himself to contact Keystone Construction Services' client directly by email stating that if the client chooses to work directly with Pella Gunton Corp., and Pella  Gunton Corp., does the install he will provide them with a better price than Keystone Construction Services was able to offer.  This being said, how do we know if we were getting a good price for our customers as it is evident in his email that he can do better? Or was Ray Kress providing Keystone Construction Services with a high number in the beginning? This would allow Pella Gunton Corp., to undermine Keystone Construction Services. We will never know and our potential client  will not either. 

So our question is what kind of company is Pella Gunton Corp.? It's obvious Ray Kress will go behind a company's back to try to secure a job on behalf of Pella Gunton Corp. And if Pella  Gunton Corp., does this to contractors who have accounts with them, imagine what they will do to you as their customers. 


  I wanted to follow up with you about your windows. I was working with Keystone Construction, but they said that they did not get the job so I wanted to reach out to you to see if you wanted to try to work with us directly. We have come up with several cost saving proposals and can still do the installation on the project ourselves. Please give me a call to discuss the project at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Have a great weekend.

Ray Kress

Commercial Sales Representative

Pella Window and Door Co.

230 Thorn Hill Rd.,  Warrendale, PA 15086

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